ETC 2019 - part 2

Opdatering fra ETC 2019 - U19

Skrevet af Maiken Anker Møller - 2019-04-21 17:15:00

ETC 2019 - part 2

After finishing 4th in the pool stage we went into the ‘knock-out’ phase of the draw. First match up was against Netherlands who proved too strong in the boys positions and won the first 2 matches. Laura outplayed the Dutch girl to give us a point from the match.

Belgium were our next opponents and again the first 2 boys matches were key. Tobias could not close out his match and went down 2-3 and Joakim Jepsen lost 0-3. Klara Møller won the third tie comfortably to slavage a match.

Final day and final match vs Austria

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